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The ultimate goal of marketing is to Attract customers by making yourself attractive to them. It is the concept of pulling ‘em in rather than pushing information out – thereby – pushing them away.

Marketing is everything you do to promote your business; from the second you dream about it through the time you actually have customers buy your products and services. It encompasses all aspects from naming and branding your company through the ways you present your value proposition to your target audience. Peter Drucker, the acknowledged leading management authority of the 20th century, said that marketing and innovation were the 1st concern of all businesses, more important then anything else including finances.

Good marketing and sales support is not an expense but rather an indispensable investment. Most successful companies, even ones that had a unique market position at the start, eventually have to differentiate themselves from the competition. The only way to do this in both the short and long run is marketing.

Today marketing consists of the original big four of price, product, place and promotion, but now also includes people, productivity, process and physical evidence. Solid marketing communication strategies and consistent tactical execution are the only way to guarantee that you stay top-of-mind with both your prospects and customers.

Done correctly, effective marketing will:

  • Achieve all growth and revenue goals

  • Communicate a consistent message about your company

  • Influence customers and potential customers to buy

  • Focus on customer needs

  • Control the perceptions of the marketplace toward your company, product and service

  • Convey the desired value proposition of your offering

  • Allow for “top of mind consciousness” of your target audience

  • Educate your customers and prospects as to solutions to their problems

  • Communicate your expertise in a specific area

  • Speak to customers “pain” and your solution

If you are not “making the numbers”, chances are you may not have a sales problem but rather a marketing one. Effective marketing is the only real catalyst for continuous customer acquisition. For more information on marketing consultancy services, contact us.

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