Coming Down the Home Stretch

Coming Down the Home Stretch

There are a lot of sayings about this topic. It's not how you run the race, it's that you finish the race (something like that). It's important to get off to a good/quick start. Its important to finish strong. You don't win or lose the World Series in April. You don't win or lose the World Series in September. Winning is everything. Nobody remembers who came in 2nd. It's not winning or losing, it's how you play the game.

Wow. I could go on. So which is it? The Red Sox have proven and will disprove them all in one season. And if my marketing communication strategies are anything like this baseball season, we'd be in for quite a ride. What do you call an integrated marketing communications campaign that stumbles out of the gate, recovers, corrects itself and hits maximum stride only to stumble again and, at the 11th hour, you're not sure if you'll even finish let alone reach your goal? I don't know.

Well I guess no matter how pretty or ugly it is, getting to the finish line and achieving your goal is what you strive for. After all, if you do win it all, no one will remember the stumbles at any part of the process. And as any top baseball franchise, or top direct marketing agency for that matter, will tell you, you're only as good as your last success.

So we're 2 up with 8 to go. What's your bet?

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