Catch a Tiger Driving a...

Catch a Tiger Driving a...

Fresh off the Masters and the escapades of the past 5-6 months…maybe Tiger has been on my mind. But probably not for the reason you might all be thinking. For me, it all comes down to one, simple, tell-the-world-once-and-for-all question…after all of this; does anyone actually, truly, honestly, undoubtedly believe that Tiger drives a Buick?

This is it. After the past 5-6 months, we have a little window into what he likes to do in his down time. And even though I don’t know exactly what Tiger Woods makes or what he’s worth, for illustration purposes, it’s probably not a stretch to say he’s a billionaire. Fair? So it would be accurate to say that Tiger Woods is a 33 year-old, fun-lovin’ billionaire.

Now let’s say that Tiger Woods is in the market for a new car. Being a 33 year-old, fun-lovin’ billionaire, he’s got a lot of choices. More so than you or I. But just what do you think he would be in the market for? Maybe a Mercedes, a Bentley, a Maybach, or maybe something faster and sporty, like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Then again, I could see something that could give him some performance and luxury like a BMW M5? If it weren’t for his contractual obligation and his sponsorship commitments, do you think a Buick would be on his list? Now that’s not to take anything away from the Buick brand. Actually, I’m kind of a car guy myself and I think Buick has done a nice job with some new models this year. But Tiger Woods driving a Buick LaCrosse? Or maybe even a Regal? Forget about an Enclave or a Lucerne…I’m just left with a concern. Is anyone believing this?

To me, for an integrated marketing communications plan to be effective, it has to be believable. Or maybe a fantasy of some sort would due. But I don’t believe that Tiger would actually choose a Buick and I don’t think anyone out there is fantasizing about Tiger driving a Buick. The problem when direct marketing isn’t believable is that it actually hurts rather than helps. Some people would just ignore it. Others would actually find it as a reason to like it less! Buick doesn’t make overt claims that they are “world-class” because, in the auto market, they aren’t. So why would they make the claim even more outrageous and insult all of our intelligence by implying they are?

As strategic marketing services provider, I have learned that if Tiger is anything, he is unpredictable. But I predict this, the next time Elin picks up a 5 iron and takes a swing at his car—she has no chance of hitting a Buick emblem. And here's a tip: For your lead generation methods to be effective, they MUST be believable.

"Ideal" vs. "Real"

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