Business Pros Still Trick or Treating

Business Pros Still Trick or Treating

So who is trick or treating this upcoming Monday night? Wasn't Halloween one of your favorite days of the year as a kid, dressing up in your favorite costume and coming home with a bagful of candy! "Trick or treat" was our favorite expression in those fun younger years.

Now, as business professionals, we are still playing Halloween . . . looking for as many treats and avoiding as many tricks as possible. Our days (and sometimes nights) are filled with challenges that can make your work week a bunch of peaks and valleys.

For those involved with supply chain fulfillment, there are many ways to get tricked as there are treats. This is a detailed business process that one little trick can change an entire process to satisfy your client.

For those involved with data to print programs, you look for treats as an updated address list or "clean" data.

For lead generation agencies, the tricks and treats are easily identified . . . find a good lead and you have a treat - find an unqualified lead and there is your trick.

Tricks and treats can make your workday both frustrating and challenging at the same time. They are the ups and downs that make business interesting. They are the reason we love to succeed. They are the reason we come to work each day. Obviously we don't love the tricks but we know that those tricks make the treats worthwhile.

How do you and your clients handle their tricks and treats?

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