Brilliance of Belichick

Love him or hate him Bill Belichick knows football. Year after year he baffles the draft guru’s and picks players that no one ever expected him to pick. It is fun to watch the draft guru’s opine why they are right and try to convince us indeed Belichick made a mistake. Yet year after year the Pat’s win. Watching the draft unfold made me think about what made the Pats so successful.

Like any winning franchise the Pats have a system that they constantly work to improve upon. They depend on the 11 players on the field to act in unison to be successful. They like smart and talented team players who can work within the definition of the system they have created. They don’t need the most talented player at any one position to win. They win because the 11 on the field all know what is expected of them and their teammate’s so they can react to the unexpected.

As a company that offers business process outsourcing solutions we have built our company on similar principles. We work hard to create an environment where we have created repeatable systems to minimize quality issues. The Allied Group has used this system to help create supply chain management strategies that work for our customers. We don’t have anyone on our team that can run the 40 in 4.23 seconds but we do have a group of people dedicated to a common cause of exceeding our customer’s expectations. When a group of people work together as a team and they posses a common goal they can produce extraordinary results.

Time will tell if the picks the Pats made were wise or not but if they have the skills and learn the system I bet they will be OK!

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