Back-to-School Marketing

Back-to-School Marketing

"Education costs money, but then so does ignorance."    ~ Sir Claude Moser

Now that all of the parents of school-age children have seen the 'big yellow bus' roll down the road at least a few times this year, it makes sense to think about what back-to-school lessons we need to be reminded of from a marketing perspective. 

Here are 3 quick ones from various school subjects.

Science.  All marketing is experimental.  As any good scientist would say, discovery usually happens with experimentation.  What we once knew (or worked) gives way to new methods by finding newer, better ways of doing things.  Different messages and different channels become more effective than the old ones.  Marketing that works best now includes multi-channel tactics such as digital, mobile and social.  Our understanding of what works changes in time.  Nothing lasts forever.

History.  It's said that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Sometimes in either good or bad economies the unfortunate trend is for businesses to pull back from their marketing efforts.  We don't need it or can't afford it now goes the thinking.  For those who study, they find that this is always a losing approach.  Historically, the most successful companies pour more into marketing efforts in both good times and bad.  They find that their message gets more attention because there are fewer messages out there.  And that leads to both more opportunities and customers.

Physical Education (PE).  Many a gym teacher with a whistle has extolled the virtues of being active.  Couch potatoes are not healthy.  But, one gym class a day as a student or an occasional trip the YMCA as an adult does not make or keep us healthy.  It is the consistent, sustained effort over time that keeps us in the best physical condition possible.  In the same way, one postcard, trade show or other quick fix effort is not the recipe to long-term marketing success and revenue growth.

You have to get, and stay, in motion, every day…forever!

My kids sometimes say to me "Why are we studying this stuff?  We'll never use it in real life.  It doesn't make any sense."  But if you look just a little closer, it always does.

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