A Visionary Steps Down!

To be included in a conversation with names like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Walt Disney would certainly tell you that you've accomplished something. And I don't think there would be much debate that Steve Jobs belongs in that conversation.

Mr. Jobs stepped down from Apple August 24th, 2011 with a brand worth $184 billion—the worlds leading brand (Google is 2nd). And I don't really want to get into a ranking battle of where he would fit in the pantheon of iconic characters (listed above) but, for me, he tops the list. Why? Because he's us. He's all of us. It's tough for me to relate to Henry Ford or Tomas Edison because they're not from my time. Does that make them less significant? Not at all. But harder to relate to.

I've been using Apple products sine 1982. I was 11. I've never owned a PC. And going on to a career in creative design marketing, I've been fortunate enough to carry that preference right through my professional development. And at this stage in my career, I don't see that changing.

I'm sure every generation feels that the technological advancements made in their generation are the best and most significant. But I truly feel that the progression of technology over the last 25 years is simply the best ever. And the majority of it starts with Steve Jobs and the vision he had and started in his garage over 30 years ago. We redesign websites. We build stealth programs in marketing for higher education. And we do it all with a lot of the tools that he built.

I'll put it the best way I can...even my parents have iPhones!

All I can say is "thanks" Mr. Jobs. I don't know why you're stepping down...it looks like it might be for health related issues. But whatever the reason, just know that you've got a customer for life in me!

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