5 Sales Strategies for the Fall

fall Strategies for Successful Selling this Fall

There is a time for every season and every purpose under the sun it was famously written.  Well, fall is no exception.  It is just about here. And for me, it brings with it some interesting sales and business lessons.  Here are five that come to mind.

1. Look for low hanging fruit.  On our recent trip to the apple orchard, I spent a good bit of time maneuvering the 'picker' to reach high up into the trees to grab the apples at the top.  But as we went along, I also grabbed some of the apples on the lower branches, and, even some on the ground.  If you're looking to make some deals this fall, grab some of the ones on top but don't overlook the easy ones.

2. Embrace change.  Change is in the air.  The temperature.  The amount of daylight.  The beginning of change in color of the leaves.  If you're like one of the now 7 billion people living on the planet, I'm guessing that you're experiencing some kind of change right now (outside of everything to do with COVID).  Maybe it's because of technology, the economy, trends, styles etc. or whatever.  Don't fight it. Embrace it.  Figure out how to profit by it and be more healthy and productive because of it.

3. Look for extra time.  Soon we are going to turn back the clocks.  That means during that particular weekend we will get one extra hour of time.  In your busy schedule, look for some things that you should drop (turn back) so that you can pick up a little extra time for the priorities in your life.

4. Ask for the order.  My kids didn't walk up to the doors of the neighbors when they were younger on Halloween night, ring the bell and say, "Would you like to think it over about giving me some candy?"  They would ring or knock on the door, it would open and they would say, "Trick or Treat?"  Then get the reward, then say thank you.  And they would come home with hundreds of orders…ah, I mean, pieces of candy.

5. Be prepared for surprises.  In New England we've often had freak early snow storms that have caught many people by surprise.  Hadn't bought the new ice scraper or couldn't find the snow shovel in the shed.  Didn't make it to the grocery store to buy the bread and milk.  Be a boy scout.  Be prepared.  Go into the day, the rest of this year and, next year, with a plan that includes being ready for the unexpected.

Brian Butler is the VP Business Development of The Allied Group and TAGmedica.  He is also the author of two books: Find 'Em Get 'Em Keep 'Em and the recently released In Search Of...Customers! 

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