4 Pillars of Employee Engagement Pillar #1: Recruiting


Job Market

There are currently 1.4 million more job openings than people looking for work in the US. This gap has put the pressure on recruiting departments to fill roles from a small pool of potential workers and differentiate their companies. With 3 people hired through LinkedIn every minute the competition is fierce and employers are playing catchup.

Not only do recruiters need to compete for the workers actively searching for new jobs, but they also have an enormous number of those currently employed who are passively looking to change companies and try something new:

Boosting applications

Gone are the days of listing an entry level position requiring 10+ years of experience in the field. Your job posting needs to map out the following clearly and in detail:

  • Scope of the position
  • Tasks they will be working on
  • Skillsets required to get the job done
  • Experience and seniority level
  • Personality traits

Once these have all been laid out the next step is where to post. Internal job boards, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster are all great options but don't limit yourself: posting positions to 5+ channels will greatly improve your reach.

Finally, include a video in your posting. Job listings with a video see a 34% higher application rate than those without. Introduce a member of your team, show off your beautiful office space, or create a rundown of your benefits and perks. These videos grab attention and can help convey information that is otherwise lost in the shuffle of job ads.

Selling your company

Once you have sifted through the applications and profiles of the candidates it is time to reach out and start the process of selling your company to the potential employee. Here are a few ideas to separate yourself from the competition and create a dialogue with the candidate:

  1. Set up casual conversations with team members
  2. Email a document or blog post explaining how your team thinks and operates
  3. Send an Allied Recruitment Kit letting the prospective team member know that the time and consideration they've put into this process are appreciated.


Remember: the average new hire takes around 42 days and costs your company $4,200. Improving your recruiting efficiency and results will pay dividends for years when you are successfully hiring the right people for the job.

Let Allied help your company stand out from the crowd and land the best candidates out there! 

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