3 Recession-Proof Marketing Tips

3 Recession-Proof Marketing Tips

While it’s true that this economic downturn has caused more than a few businesses to tighten their belts, it has also brought to light the importance of some real direct marketing and lead generation basics that, in many cases, could foster something that resembles an opportunity. Is it possible?

Here are 3 recession-proof marketing tips to consider that, when times are tough, will truly solidify your position in the marketplace and help you weather the storm:


#1. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.
When things are going well, it feels like we can do no wrong. Strategic marketing goes out the window, everything we do seems to work in some way, mistakes are easily overcome and overlooked and we simply fall into bad habits. Opportunistic companies have one thing in common—they have a strong, collaborative relationship with their customers. They take the time to ask, listen, understand and use this information to drive strategy and be proactive. Remember, product-centric thinking is out the window. If your customer is not the hub of your wheel...it doesn't turn!



#2. Keep it simple.
Tactics and techniques come and go. Strategy doesn’t. Most of the time a simple, integrated marketing communications plan will get you the best results. Studies show that most of us read at an 8th grade level. So be conversational with your direct mailers. Avoid the buzzwords and the complicated jargon. In this informational age, features and benefits are out and education is in! The opportunity lies in educating and informing your customers and prospects on why they should do business with YOU.


#3. Have a plan. Stick to it (with a realistic dose of flexibility).
It’s amazing to me how many people simply have no plan. I could go down a cliché-filled road right now, but I think you know where I’m going. Simply put, you’ll never get where you want to go without a plan. There is a tremendous opportunity for those companies that have a sound plan and strategic marketing services in place with concrete, realistic benchmarks and goals.


Have Fun!

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