10 New Year's Marketing Communication Resolutions

10 New Year's Marketing Communication Resolutions

2013 is here! We made it through 12/21/12 and instead of preparing for basic survival, we're now focused on bathing ourselves in leads in 2013! Here are 10 ideas on how we can make our lead generation methods more successful this year:

10. I RESOLVE TO - START. This is funny to me because it is arguably the most important one on the list. In many ways, we've made this way too complicated. Focusing on perfection and analysis of end results without simly saying "something is better than nothing". Should I try one to one communications, or maybe some promotional imprinted produts, or maybe lead nurturing campaigns? All good ideas. I'm not advocating allocating budget dollars without rhyme or reason, I'm simply saying that in order to get results, you have to get started. So I resolve to "do" more in 2013.



9. I RESOLVE TO - LOOK AT THE FACTS. The beauty and the curse of marketing communication strategies and the resulting tactics is that they are all relatively subjective. Most times, there is no single path to get you to your destination. Because of that, everyone has opinions and good ideas. I resolve to remain open-minded, but continuing to educatate myself on new tactics, trends and taking my personal feelings out of it. I have to remember, "I" may not be the target so I have to make sure that I put myself in their shoes and let the data guide our decision making.


8. I RESOLVE TO - BE REALISTIC. In everything I do! I may "believe" that implementing a marketing automation platform is the right thing to do, but if the proper budget and manpower isn't there, I can't do it. That's fine. I resolve to focus on building a sound strategy optimizing tactic(s) that can be fully embraced.


7. I RESOLVE TO - TRY SOMETHING NEW. We've all heard the definition of insanity - doing the same things over and over again expecting different results! Well I resolve to stave off insanity for at least one more year by learning and implementing someting new this year. I have to put some thought into what that is, but now that it's in writing, I guess I have to do it. 


6. I RESOLVE TO - DEVELOP A ROUTINE. It may be odd to talk about routine after I just recommended trying something new. Does one fly in the face of the other? Well, in the spirit of simplifying, who cares. The bottom line is we're not one trick ponies and many approaches work for us. For me, it has to "fit" into my daily life if it is going to work.


5. I RESOLVE TO - BLOG MORE. I'm always puzzled by this one. In some ways it is a lot of pressure and in other ways I think it sort of contradicts what we all learned..."it's not about you". But in reality, it is! You know your business better than anyone, have years of experience, advice and valuable recommendations that are all part of a solution for prospects and customers. I resolve to talk about it and use that experience to drive traffic.


4. I RESOLVE TO - STAND UP. More specifically, get out. Get out of my office and away from my computer and in front of customers and prospects more frequently. I resolve to get the blood pumping and the circulation going all in the spirit of direct marketing...VERY direct!


3. I RESOLVE TO - LISTEN. This sounds easy, but it's another thing to actually stick to it. We all want to prove our worth and bring "value" to every conversation. But sometimes, it makes sense to absorb and say "I don't know". Three very simple words that in many ways I don't want to use more of, but I don't want to be afraid to use them also. So I guess I resolve to use those three words this year when truly appropriate.


2. I RESOLVE TO - REPORT & DISCUSS. Information is valuable. I resolve to share it more and try to transition that information into something actionable as much as possible. It has been very common to report open rates, click-thru rates, web traffic and digital body language in general, but what now? Good question.  

1. I RESOLVE TO - GET BETTER. It is hard to admit. But I do have a lot of learning to do. It is an amazing industry because you can go from feeling as though you are on top of the mountain one minute, then truly right back down at the beginning of the trail the next. But if you're building an integrated marketing communications plan, the word "integrate" means a lot. Most importanly, it means you can't do it all on your own and won't have all the answers. There are so many talented people and great minds with great ideas that, combined, always ensure you come up with a great solution. But I resolve to be that much better next year as I come up with my 2014 resolutions. Good luck in 2013!

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