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The Allied Group wants to help you navigate your way through the COVID-19 crisis that we are all dealing with locally, nationally, and around the world.

We have conducted a survey to learn how companies are handling this new way of doing business. Continue below to read what we've learned.

We truly are in this together!

Survey Results, Comments and What’s Next?

In our recent survey of businesses there weren’t many surprises…

Regardless of the industry, size of business, or role – respondents felt: their companies had done well reacting to crisis, that 2020 would be a tough year, that there is a glimmer of hope for 2021, and they were looking for ways to deal with this crisis.

There were a few recurring themes in comments from respondents:

  • Compliments and praise for their employer’s effort to protect all employees
  • Communicating confidence and keeping employees informed are key to recovery
  • Uncertainty regarding how budgets, staffing and projects will be affected

The Numbers: 78% felt that Covid had a harsh to dramatic effect on their business in 2020 – but there was some hope that 2021 would be better. Only 27% expect Covid to have a dramatic impact in 2021, and 38% indicated that they expect the impact on 2021 to be harsh but not devastating.

75% responded that they were somewhat to very comfortable returning to the office. 63% were concerned about contracting Covid and 38% organizing childcare. In order to feel more comfortable 83% expect to be required to wear masks, 79% assume there will hand sanitizer stations, and over 70% will feel more comfortable with limiting the number of employees/visitors allowed.

When we will all go back to the office? 70% predicted by Q4. 30% don’t think their offices will reopen to visitors until sometime in 2021. Prior to Covid nearly all of our responses indicated that they relied on patients or customers visits, and over 50% responded that events, tours and business lunches were key activities.

In addition to serious safety concerns, all businesses will have to deal with the impact of Covid on their Communications and Marketing effort. Everyone is dealing with cancellation of events, trade shows, live meetings and presentations. There is a growing trend of Zoom fatigue, people tuning out email, and many messages getting lost in the e-traffic jam. This has increased the impact and success of multi-channel campaigns that include Dimensional Marketing.

So, how do you “stay in touch” without touching?
Everyone is asking "How can we?":

  • Engage our employees, prospects, clients, or patients
  • Educate our audience with impact
  • Equip our employees or our visitors

For example, branded PPE can make your employees and visitors feel more comfortable returning to your location. Or, you can provide your WFH employees with branded technology and supplies to keep them connected while they’re working remotely. Sample kits or product demonstration video brochures can make your Zoom meetings more productive.

Conclusion: We all need to find creative ways to make meaningful connections. Organizations that commit to finding ways to Engage, Educate and Equip stakeholders (both internal and external) will benefit from the confidence and trust gained during this crisis. Ongoing nurturing of those stakeholders will build brand loyalty and positive long term value.

Custom Fulfillment offers the opportunity to provide your audience with something valuable, provide it in a safe way and enhance your relationship as you Rise above the Digital Noise!

We also offer COVID-19 related PPE and promotional items unique to many industries. For the Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Office Managers out there – take a look at our Physician page to discover the items The Allied Group can help you with to make your job easier.


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