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Remember Me? I'm Your Customer.

"Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care." ~ Damon Richards 

I had two experiences the other day that left me shaking my head in disbelief. Both were solicitations for my business. One a radio commercial. The other, a direct telemarketer. 

First, the auto dealership. Sometimes I feel like I pick on them. But, having just bought a car, I now remember why it takes me so long in-between purchases. The ad came blaring over the radio on my drive home. "We've had a great month at XYZ Auto. We've sold lots of cars and we want to keep our momentum going." 

Whoa! When did my potentially buying a car turn into me caring about you keeping your momentum going? Sure, while I, and probably most people, prefer to do business with an organization that is doing well, I don't want to be either beaten over the head with it nor have it made the first "feature and benefit" in your selling proposition. I have my own reasons for considering any purchase and trust me, it has nothing to do with what's important to you. Not to say that I'm not a win-win kind of guy. I sure hope I am. But when you're looking to take my money, please talk to me about what you can do for me first, not what I can do to help you. 

Second, the business development company. A telemarketer selling training services essentially teaching us how to get more business. The voicemail started with "Hi Brian, this is Donna, give me (no please) a call back. I want (why would I care what you want at this point?) to talk to you (not with) a little bit and tell you (not share with) what we have to offer." 

Are you kidding me? No research. No value statement. No indication of what or how she or her company could improve what I'm doing or sharing any relevant examples. 

Your marketing communications and sales process immediately create a perception of your organization in the mind of prospective customers. As potential buyers of your product or service, we want to know what you can do for us - right away! 

Is your marketing strategy and are your marketing messages communicating value to your intended target audience? If you do an honest assessment and determine the answer is no, you'll want to change that, sooner rather than later. Try this thought on for size and see if it helps in any way. Always think about the customer first and yourself second.

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