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Release 12.3 of the Virtual Office

Release 12.3 of the Virtual Office
Again this month the VO update is just a maintenance release, which was published the evening of 3/30/16.

Release 12.2 of the Virtual Office

Release 12.2 of the Virtual Office

On Tuesday night, 2/23/16, a maintenance release was done on the Virtual Office that changes the version to 12.2.

Items addressed in this release are:

  • Demand kit orders not updating sequencing when exploded
  • Thumbnails in tile view not showing when there is a "#" in the item number
  • Print Shop Manager loses history when an item is moved to a stock item
  • Exact duplicate failure on custom images when production type is changed
  • Cost Centers not sorting alphabetically at checkout
  • Typographic errors in registration process
  • Users allowed to checkout without completing personalization on custom imaging orders

Virtual Office 12.1

Virtual Office 12.1

The Virtual Office was updated to version 12.1 on Tuesday night.

This upgrade corrected a few bugs as well as introducing the following upgrades:

Clear address
Users now have the ability to clear the address fields with one click when checking out. The new button is beneath the ship and reset address buttons. Whereas reset address will load your default address, clear address simply removes everything except your email from the address fields.

Report export
If you have reporting available to you this feature allows the exporting of the report to a .csv file that can be opened in Excel. This is a convenient way to get the data in to a format you can do further analysis on.

Bug Corrections
Issue with account name override not showing during checkout.
Corrected search function in order history to use first 7 digits on Allied reference number
Added phone number to user maintenance screen

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May Virtual Office Updates

May Virtual Office Updates

This past weekend we did an update to the Virtual Office. Here's some of the changes we made:

Several changes have been made to the shipping address selection during checkout.

    • First, if you load a saved address, the address will appear exactly as saved. In the past if the company name or name field were left blank your information would populate the screen. Now if it's blank in the saved address it will be blank on the screen.
    • Second, we're going to bypass the recommended address options if the only change from your original address was the addition of the zip+4 component.
    • Third, we're extending the length of a saved address name from 20 to 50 characters so you can enter a more descriptive name.
    • And last, if you use a saved address you'll have the option of updating it to the recommended address to prevent the question from coming up on future orders.

Some changes have been made when using the saved address to ship an order also. If you select the personal or group radio button, the drop down list populates with those addresses. If you select the Account or All radio buttons you'll be taken to the search page to complete your address selection.

We've added the expected delivery date to the final checkout page. Once you select a shipping method the information will appear below it.

Last change is for the Admins out there. You can now edit saved addresses from the User Maintenance page.


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